"Success" Coaching for Musicians

When I was younger I often thought to myself that if I "didn't make it" as a musician, that life coaching would be a fun alternative career :).  Fast forward a few years and life coaching has become integrated with my career as an artist.  It works synergistically with my songwriting, producing, and performances, and it allows me to give back to the music community in some ways that I think are really key.  

As a life coach for musicians I work with individuals to help them clearly define their own picture of success as an artist, prioritizing their happiness first and setting their music up to serve their overall happiness. 

The personal story here illustrates a path you might identify with. The process of redefining success I describe is the "how" part of life coaching for musicians and artists. I look forward to hearing your reactions!

*         *         *

I spent years chasing a "dream" of success as a musician, only to realize that I didn't really want what I had been chasing.  I don't want to be on the road all the time, I don't want to play more than 50 gigs a year, I don't want to be put in a position of "entertaining" people every night, and I don't want to be in the spotlight that much.  

What I DO want is to be unrestrained as an artist, honing my craft, improving my production skills, working from home producing music, performing 30-50 times a year at niche events and festivals, releasing songs regularly, finding ways for my music to serve the world and help people, and finding ways to serve the music community to improve the lives of others who are being drawn in by this elusive mistress of creativity.  

Too often, we artists aren't clear about what we do want (thanks to ideas or habits we adopt from culture, peers, etc.) and our music or art begins to control us. It can create some really nasty experiences. This is especially true when we hold a vision of success that is not authentic to our true needs which we might not know or have support to give time and attention.  When this happens, we see our success on one side of a river, we see ourselves on the other side, and the gap between us and our "success" becomes a terribly painful and heavy burden on us sensitive creative types.  

By defining our picture of success and finding the work in music that we truly do love, we begin to set ourselves up for success in ways that allow us to live in alignment with our values and needs and find fulfillment in our work.  

As a culture we need our artists to be happy because their work directly effects the emotions and consciousness of the rest of the world.  Happy artists create happiness, depressed artists create depression. We all want and deserve happiness.  

If you are an artist struggling with chasing your own tail, feel free to reach out for a free strategy session.  I would love to connect with you, see where you are at, and see what we have to work with in your life :).  Email projects@nicholaspenn.com.