Planting Trees Is In The Bottom Line

Did you know? Each purchase that is made on this website plants 10 trees! This is social enterprise and I invite your curiosity! 

This is how: 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 is the organization I work with.

Social enterprise is the idea of a for profit businesses directly solving for real world social and environmental issues while also turning a profit.  Incredible!  When I first learned about social enterprise, I was blown away by the concept. 

Things went to the next level when I read the Patagonia story and learned about the their triple bottom line, people, planet, profit.  They once again changed the paradigm by equating the success of their business to amount of money they could give to environmental organizations. Rather than judging the health of the business based on how much they are able to keep for the company, their bottom line is environmental charity.

As a sociologist and planet-lover, I was drawn to the social enterprise approach to business. It set in motion the dream to one day have a thriving music business that was some how set up as a social enterprise. 

Two years ago I learned about Trees for the Future and was inspired by the work they are doing.  They are solving for hunger, education, income, and environmental issues all through healing the land by planting trees, practicing permaculture land-care and growing organic crops for their communities.  In my opinion, this model is innovative, and it seemed like a great initiative to support through my music.

Two years later we have planted a little over 1,000 trees through my Patreon account and also from tips I earned from my gigs.  It's the start of a project for me and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

These days, it is a human experiment to see if I can make my bottom line equate to how many trees I can plant.  Like Patagonia, could I turn the corner and make giving my main motive for doing business?  And if I can do it and it works out, can other people too?  Let's see how it grows shall we?

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More about Trees For The Future

Trees For The Future is a non-profit that is addressing hunger, poverty, environmental issues, and education issues by planting trees.  Operating mostly in subsaharan African, this org is creating abundance for entire communities of people and changing the face of environmental + social change initiatives.  In these communities, people see an average increase in income of 400%.  Before communities begin working with Trees For The Future, 83% of them are "food insecure", meaning in the next 24 hours they do not know where their next meal is coming from.  After 1 year in the program, "food insecurity" drops from 83% to 14%!  

Beyond that, over 50% of participants in the Trees For The Future program are women, which is empowering generations of women to be the change makers and leaders of their communities.

You may ask, how can planting trees have such a drastic impact on so many issues?  Their solution is something they call a "Forest Garden".  By planting trees in a parameter around "desertified" land, they reinvigorate the soil inside of the parameter with vital nutrients allowing for crops to be planted.  Once crops are planted and food harvested, it can be sold at market allowing for enough income to provide for the families as well as send their children to school.  Trees have a huge impact on water and nutrient retention in the soil, and provide necessary habitat for wild life, but when planted as a "Forest Garden", this agricultural act also exponentially benefits humans.  


I have chosen to work with Trees For The Future for a number of reasons. 

1)  I believe that every business could be (or maybe should be) a social enterprise.  Social enterprise is defined not just by "doing business", but by doing business in a way that measurably improves the existence of many different stake holders, whether that be humans OR environmental members like trees, soil microbes, and animals. 

2) I have been inspired by companies like Patagonia who judge the success of their business not by the "profit" they turn as a company, but by how much money they are able to give away to environmental organizations in a year.  I want my bottom line to be how many trees I was able to help plant, and how many people were able to benefit from it. 

This is not about being famous or popular.  This is about making a real impact in the world in a way that I am uniquely qualified for.  #musicianlife.

3)  I studied food and society, and worked in the health food industry for 6 years, and have an understanding of how much we rely on our environment.  Planting trees is one of the most profound, yet simplest ways in which we can improve our lives as humans as well as improve the lives of countless species across the globe.  

 If you would like to continue supporting this work with Trees for the Future, I encourage you to join my Patreon Community, where I plant trees every month and offer early releases of my music to community members.  Here you will have access to all of my songs before they reach the general public, and you will also be helping plant trees in an ongoing way.  

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Thanks ✌️